Worldcoin Security Audit: Issues Resolved, Reports Show

• Worldcoin released security audit reports on July 28, showing that most issues were fixed or mitigated.
• The project was co-founded by OpenAI’s Sam Altman and allows users to verify their humanity without giving up their privacy.
• Criticism of the project has been mounting since its launch, with questions being raised about its legality.

Worldcoin Releases Security Audit Reports

Worldcoin released audit reports on July 28, claiming that most security issues had been fixed or mitigated. The proof of humanity protocol was conducted by security consulting firms Nethermind and Least Authority who found 26 security issues with the protocol, 24 of which were identified as fixed during the verification phase. Least Authority discovered three issues and made six suggestions which have all been resolved or have planned resolutions.

Co-Founded By Sam Altman

The project was co-founded by Sam Altman, the co-founder of AI developer OpenAI and it gives users a way to verify their humanness without compromising their privacy. According to the protocol’s documentation, The Orb produces a hash of the user’s iris scan but does not keep a copy of it. Its public launch happened on July 25 after nearly two years in development and beta testing.

Criticism Of Project Launch

Criticism erupted almost immediately when Worldcoin launched publicly as questions were raised about its legality in relation to data protection laws from both the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and France’s National Commission on Informatics and Liberty. Some members of the crypto community saw this as potentially leading to a dystopian future while others disagreed with these claims.

Investigations Into Legality

The ICO is currently deciding whether or not it will investigate Worldcoin for breaching data protection laws in the UK while France’s data protection agency has also questioned its legality . Despite these criticisms, Worldcoin continues to push forward with its mission to give away free tokens to users who can prove their humanity through an iris scan performed by an “Orb”.


Worldcoin has faced criticism since its launch due to legal concerns regarding data protection laws from both France and the UK. Despite this, it has continued pushing forward with its mission to offer users free tokens for verifying their humanity through an iris scan performed by an “Orb”.