Coinbase App Broken for UX, Admits CEO Brian Armstrong

• Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has acknowledged the “broken” user experience of the Coinbase app and promised to make improvements.
• The “Onchain Summer” festival has exposed a number of pain points for users with regard to non-fungible tokens, decentralized apps and layer 2s.
• Users have been encouraged to send feedback to prioritize important queries, and Armstrong said rapid updates will be made in the next two weeks.

Coinbase App UX Issues Acknowledged

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has acknowledged that there are issues with the user experience (UX) of its app, admitting it is “broken”. This revelation came after an “Onchain Summer” festival which lasted several weeks during which product launches, brand activations and non-fungible token reveals took place on Base – a layer-2 network built by Coinbase.

Pain Points Exposed

During this time, a number of pain points were exposed as more people used the platform. Armstrong asked users to send feedback about their experiences so that the most important queries can be prioritized. He also promised that rapid updates would be made in the next two weeks in order to address these issues.

Crypto Industry UX Pain Point

User experience has long been a problem for those in the cryptocurrency industry. A web3 UI/UX designer pointed out how difficult it is because blockchain based applications are owner-centric and irreversible by nature. Despite this complexity, there is still emphasis on making blockchain “invisible” when it comes to everyday user interaction.

Feedback Requested

In response to his X post, Armstrong received many requests from users ranging from wanting fast settlement credit card on-ramps that don’t require making separate accounts to fixing an ongoing bug when connecting Coinbases’ mobile wallet with Google Chrome – something that had proven more persistent than expected according to Armstrong himself.

Rapid Updates Promised

Armstrong expressed confidence that these issues will soon be resolved as he promised rapid updates within two weeks for some of the biggest pain points experienced by users during Onchain Summer’s festivities – all thanks to user feedback being provided by members of the crypto community who use Coinbase’s services regularly or occasionally alike..