Frontex workshop on border security related EU funded projects

The SUNNY project was represented at a Frontex workshop on 15-16 June 2016, held at the Frontex Headquarters, Warsaw, Plac Europejski 6, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland

The workshop heard presentations on a number of border security related EU funded projects.

SUNNY presentation to Users NAMFI Committee

Today ALTUS LSA namely Mr Zacharias Sarris , presented the SUNNY project and DEMO at the annual meeting of the NAMFI Users Committe (Greece, Germany, Netherlands). 

The  first annual tactical UNAC (Users NAMFI Committee) meeting for the year 2016 took place in Chania , and ALTUS was invited to present SUNNY.  The participants were delegation from the User Nations and they were informed on the project activities and the demo we are  going to  conduct at NAMFI.

Their feedback and interest was strong and SUNNY will be supported as much as possible during the DEMO activity.

Sunny co-organises European Symposium on Border Surveillance and Search and Rescue

SUNNY co-organised the European Symposium on Border Surveillance and Search and Rescue ( at Heraklion Crete- Greece on the 27-28 November 2014. SUNNY had a dedicated stand at the event manned by SUNNY Dissemination Manager, Carlo Agostini and Marco Cosentino from Vitrociset. SUNNY coordinator Rory Doyle from BMT presented the SUNNY project to the delegates. The project was represented at the event by BMT, Vitrociset, KEMEA, and Altus.

The Commercial UAV Show 2014

SUNNY was represented at The Commercial UAV Show 2014 ( at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, UK on the 31-22 October 2014 by SUNNY Coordinator Rory Doyle from BMT. He was interviewed on the topic of Payloads over platforms: The importance of technological payload capabilities. The interview covered:

  • Improving the quality of data received, a push for sensor technology development
  • Understanding the critical need for extreme reliability: UAV autonomy
  • Exploring the need for sensor miniaturisation to facilitate migration from manned aircraft
  • Investigating interoperability of modular payloads
  • How can sensors work effectively whilst operating in variable conditions?


European Day for Border Guards

SUNNY was represented at the European Day for Border Guards ( in Waraw, Poland on the 18 March 2014 by SUNNY Technical Coordinator Hans Kling from SAAB. SUNNY had a dedicated stand at the event.